FASIL AD Slide Bearings is a specialized production plant which manufactures slide bearing elements. By manufacturing the required quality, FASIL has reached the level of a renowned slide bearing producer.
Continuous casting
Our technological capabilities for continuous casting are
  1. - Bars and pipes with diameters ranging from Ø 20 mm to Ø 120 mm
  2. - Square profiles ranging from 30x30 to 100x100 mm
  3. - belts from ‡ 10-20 mm in thickness to 80-300 mm in width
  4. - profile lengths: 2-4 meters, per customer request.
Sliding elements
  1. Sliding elements are manufactured from various types of bronze which possess exceptional sliding characteristics and other types of non-ferrous metals.
  1. - For low speeds and heavy loads
  2. - For heavy construction machines and mining machinery
  3. - For transport machines
  4. - For press and cutting machine tie bars
  5. - For liquid environments and places where lubricants can be washed out or their performance or delivery is hampered.
  1. - Resistant to temperatures up to 350°C
  2. - Performance readiness after a long period of inaction
  3. - Convenient for operation in liquids
  4. - Resistant to corrosion
White metal bearings
Graphite bearings
  1. - These types of sliding elements do not require additional lubricants
  2. - The primary material is based on bronze and steel with inserted
      graphite which covers a portion of the sliding surface
  3. - Maintenance-free operation
  4. - The graphite insert cannot be washed out
  5. - The graphite forms a thin film on both surfaces creating a separating
      sliding layer which prevents metal contact and dry friction.
Centrifugal castings
Centrifugal castings
  1. Superior mechanical characteristics, homogenous structure without porosity is provided. The centrifugal casting plant and available moulds provide bushing castings with diameters ranging from Ø 100 to Ø 600 mm and 900 mm in length. For shorter castings, larger diameters can be manufactured.
Castings manufactured in moulds
Die Casting
  1. By casting in metal moulds, dies are obtained with exceptional physical-mechanical characteristics and homogenous structure.
Sand Casting
  1. Sand casting is performed in sand moulds according to customer request and models. Our foundry manufactures castings with complex geometries using the sand mould technology (pump housings, pump operating circuits, tighteners, sliders, valve body sliders etc.) according to customer blueprints or samples.
White metal bearings
White metal bearings
We provide the following services
  1. - lathe machining,
  2. - milling,
  3. - planing,
  4. - boring,
  5. - grinding,
  6. - thermal processing,
  7. - welding,
  8. - Plastic deformation processing.
Heat exchangers
Description of the heat exchanger performance

A factory attestation for installed materials is provided for all slide bearing products along with hydro tests. An accredited laboratory attestation can also be issued depending on the product type or application.

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