FASIL AD Arilje manufactures wire cloth or woven wire mesh for the paper and pulp industry, filtration cloths, industrial filters, slide bearings, non-ferrous castings and heat exchangers.
  • Wire cloth
    Woven wire cloth production
    1. For the paper and pulp industry, wire cloth for industrial filtration, separation and purification:
    2. - synthetic wire cloth for the paper industry up to 8000 mm,
    3. - wire cloth up to 5000 mm in width,
    4. - filtration cloths up to 9000 mm
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    Slide bearings
    Slide Bearings
    1. - Production of non-ferrous slide bearings and castings.
    2. - Special copper and copper alloy castings or semi-products from all
        types of bronze and brass materials according to procedures
    3. - Materials: tin bronze, aluminum and lead-tin bronze alloys, red
        casting and brass
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  • Filters
    Filters and cleaners
    1. FASIL successfully manufactures and refurbishes industrial cleaners, separators, frame screens, vibrating screens, demisters etc.
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    Heat exchangers
    Heat exchangers
    1. Production of heat exchangers for industrial plants.
    2. There are various heat exchangers depending on the type of material, purposes and customer requests regarding interventions on existing assemblies.
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